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Over the years the male gender has been increasingly involved in the fabulous world of plastic surgery, so much that even famous celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. have chosen to undergo rejuvenation interventions, botulinum toxin, among others.

Nowadays, many clinical centers have realized that the flow of male patients has been growing despite (the female gender is still dominant 78% versus 22% male). The SECPRE (Catalan Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) has calculated that in the last five years the demand for male aesthetic surgery has grown up to 25%.

Historically, the term “vanity” has been associated mainly with the feminine, from the “blondies” of Hollywood to the trends that predominate each decade over the last few years. But nowadays men increasingly seek to improve their physical appearance, wanting to accompany exercise and a healthy quality of life with an aesthetic procedure.

There have even been countless cases in which they are actual Father’s Day gifts; ensuring that it is the same families who contact the specialized center to give away everything from facial cleansing to the application of hyaluronic acid.

It is common to see how micro-celebrities or “influencers” in the Colombian today each year choose to intervene their bodies, performing surgeries such as rhinoplasties, implants and abdominal marking since the environment in which they develop and from which they generate their main profits is the visual media; Social networks have been a predominant factor in the decision of many men to start a procedure, however small or simple it may be, because who does not want to look good in a photograph?

It is valid to clarify that, despite everything said above, there are still many men who associate all this with a negative connotation or even something full of taboos. Although they are opinions and points of view, many are simply uninformed about what processes exist and what, worth the redundancy, the procedure to carry out a successful plastic surgery.

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