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Liposuction and the variables of this intervention are some of the most performed procedures in the world. And there is no doubt that having an athletic, healthy and toned body is one of the main goals of many people today. 

Surgical interventions achieve this goal not only aesthetically but also for the health of the person. The results fill us with confidence and give us a better feeling. 

But how can we maintain these results and how this intervention change our lives?

What all patients want and wonder is whether these results can survive the passage of time. The answer is yes! But we must join a new healthy lifestyle that is focused on our personal care, both aesthetically and on health issues. For this it is essential to acquire good eating habits, shoot each meal of the day properly and understand that our body reacts according to what we eat.

And it is not just about stopping eating what we believe will make us fat or will return us to the initial weight, good nutrition is based on eating in a balanced way and eating foods that truly enrich our body, that is, suppressing those empty calories that we do not use. Moderate the amounts in the meals, that is, if we are going to eat fat we can think of an avocado, which in addition to being a positive fat for our body, provides us with Omega 3 and other nutrients typical of a fruit like this, This is how we obtain the essential basis for a good diet and we will have the first front covered to maintain the results.

In addition to food, we must complement our maintenance with constant exercise routines, not necessarily high-level, simply work our body and mind through physical exercises that provide better functioning to our metabolism, better muscle development and an adequate process For fats in our body, remember that exercising is not the same as losing weight, but if we maintain a balance between the calories we consume in our day-to-day and those we spend, we will have that balance so necessary to make the surgery maintain its results at through time.

The healthy life should be the step to follow after any surgical intervention of diminution of measures, this way you will manage to maintain that feeling of being well.

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