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It consists of extracting fat from certain areas of the body through laser liposuction or lipolaser and placing it in another area that needs it.

Lipotransfer is one of the most innovative methods of cosmetic surgery, to give more volume in a specific area that we want. This process is quite safe and free from rejections because the same body components (the same fat) are used to make corrections or increase in size.

The first step is to know if we have the necessary amount of fatty (adipose) tissue, to be able to extract it. Then, the extraction will be done; if the necessary fat is high, it will be necessary to perform abdominal or hip liposuction, these are the areas with more mesenchymal stem cells, capable of reproducing in any cell lineage; If the area to be touched up is small, the extraction could be done with a syringe. When removing adipose tissue, it must be separated from blood and other tissues. It must, under the Puregraft filtering process (system for these procedures), ensure that the fat to be transferred is pure; to decrease the rates of resorption and that the body assimilates it more quickly. The next step is to relocate the already filtered and processed grease in the area that you want to tow or increase. That is, we have reached the final stage of lipotransfer.

It is used to increase the size and / or towing the buttocks in the least invasive way. This is achieved through a process of laser liposuction and adipose tissue filtration. It is also advisable to use optimized lipotransfer, which consists in enriching the fat destined for the filling, with anthologous growth factors; They are located in the patient’s blood. Growth factors favor fat grafting and, that it is rooted in the recipient area; These are extracted from the separation process, applying a centrifugal process to the blood to separate the densities and thus obtain them. Results of optimized lipotransfer: elevation and increase in volume to achieve the so-called “Latin gluteus” or the improvement of flat gluteus, correction of asymmetries caused by hereditary factors or some surgeries, repair of the buttocks after injuries, trauma or accidents.

It is the most common and simple; It involves removing fatty tissue from any part of the body with a syringe, performing the process of filtering and separating tissues and re-injecting the pure fat into the cheekbones, forehead, lips or any desired part of the face. It should be noted that as fat reabsorption is higher due to the small amount of fat used in this procedure; We may not have the desired result within a few months; Although this is not always the case, it is necessary to take into account that there are resorbable filling methods and products that currently have high quality and guarantee the result we want for a certain period of time. For this reason, it is advisable to consider several options before deciding on lipotransference on the face.

Normally, 35% to 55% of the implanted fat is reabsorbed; It does not mean that both breasts will absorb the same amount, it is possible that they are asymmetrical, one breast may be smaller than the other. It is recommended to talk with the surgeon about all techniques for breast augmentation and thus arrive at the best option for the particular case of each person. Aesthetic purposes: increase in breast volume, reduction of abdomen, hips and thighs, in addition to refining the results after a mastectomy. Reparative purposes include: correction of congenital malformations, breast reconstruction (includes damage caused by radiation therapy). Lipotransfer offers a natural appearance as it is composed of the same fat and tissue, has zero risks of rejection

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