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Technique that allows marking abdominals, highlighting depression under the ribs and generating a high impact at the waist level. 

High Definition Liposuction (HD) is a technique that is growing worldwide, based on technological innovations and greater specialization by surgeons who are experts in this procedure. Specifically, this new concept does not have so much to do with the instruments that are used – although last generation equipment is required to perform it – but with a new approach that the surgeon gives to the procedure, and with the increasingly precise results to Those who sign up.

In the first years of the existence of liposuction, back in the 80s, this procedure was applied with the objective of eliminating large volumes of fat, the indication criteria evolved and, while previously operated patients who were 20 to 30 kilos In addition, to those who were removed a large amount of fat – with the danger that entails -, now, liposuction is a tool for those who want to model and not appeal to it to lose weight. Also, during the first years of liposuction, the operative complications were very high, and the patient went through surgery without necessarily solving his modeling problem. Over time, the indications and objectives regarding this procedure were redefined. While years ago obese patients fell into liposuction as the only technique available to ‘solve’ their problem, these now have adequate alternatives for their situation, no longer in the hands of specialists in plastic surgery, but resorting to procedures such as bariatric surgery Today it is a thing of the past to see people looking for liposuction as a solution to their obesity.

High-definition liposuction is aimed at people who are moderately physically well, that is to say that they are underweight and have low fat, or are at their ideal weight, although they do not conform to their body aesthetics. Those who request this procedure most are patients who have a good physique but who lack a certain definition that cannot improve by more gymnastics and diet than they do, understanding that there are areas impossible to treat without the necessary intervention of a procedure of this type. There are several points that aesthetically are the most prominent at the moment when the person begins to think about liposuction: the waist, the lower back, and the area that is below the costal wall, below the ribs, contrary to what you might think, the ones who demand this procedure the most are men; In general, professionals between 35 and 50 who take care of themselves, do gymnastics, and are well aesthetically. The women, meanwhile, mainly seek to highlight their waist and the area under their breasts, over the ribs (intercostal), generating there a depression that gives great appeal.

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