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Procedure to correct atrial deformities.

Otoplasty, correction ears on screen. With Otoplasty it is sought to correct the excess projection of the ear as well as the depth of the shell. The most frequent is focused on the ears on the screen, characterized by an increase in the angle between the ear and the scalp.

In consultation with your plastic surgeon you should clarify all your doubts regarding the shape of your ears. The usual thing is that the ears are asymmetrical, which will never be similar. It is important to inform your Plastic Surgeon about the use of medications that you use daily or frequently (anti inflammatory, aspirin, naturopathic recipes, etc.) and do not forget about any diseases you have, or recent flu-like conditions that may influence the procedure. If you have decided to have surgery, it is important that you plan a time of disability in order to use the appropriate bandages.

Usually this surgery requires incisions in the back of the ear although they can be done in the anterior part. This allows exposure of the atrial cartilage for modification with relaxation incisions and / or placement of fixation points. This surgery can be done with local or general anesthesia lasting the surgery between 2 to 4 hours. The surgery aims to modify the position of the ear with respect to the skull but it is important to leave a margin of separation that allows the cleaning and use of glasses comfortably.

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