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breast lift

It is a procedure to correct the fall or ptosis of the breast.

Ptosis or sinus fall results from the decrease in parenchymal volume and the type of skin and supporting structures that does not retract but rather yields to the force of gravity. Therefore the breast or mammary gland adopts a lower position in the chest wall thus losing its youthful appearance. However, the characteristic of an adult and healthy woman entails a slight fall in this breast which differentiates it from the developing breast of a teenager.

It is important to inform your Plastic Surgeon about the use of medications (contraceptives, aspirin etc.), as well as diseases (phlebitis in the legs, digestive disorders, recent flu-like conditions, etc.), which may influence the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will give you a series of pre-surgical instructions about the foods you should consume, avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs. If you smoke, avoid it at least 2 weeks before surgery. It should not be exposed before and after surgery to the sun as this favors inflammation and accumulation of pigment in the scar.

Surgical techniques can be used whose choice will depend on the quality of the skin, the volume of the breast and the size and position of the areola. If the skin is very flaccid and with stretch marks, it has lost its elastic capacity, which will result in larger scars. If the gland is very small in size, it is difficult to give volume to the breast without the use of a prosthesis. In general terms, in the breast lift the scars will be located around the areola (periareolar) to be able to relocate its position. In other words, the greater the sagging of the skin, more resection of the skin will be needed and therefore the scar will be longer. If, on the contrary, the skin is firm, it is possible to perform the pexia with the periareolar scar only. The surgery lasts between 2 to 4 hours and is done under General anesthesia. It can be done outpatient or hospitalized according to each patient.

The surgeon can leave drains that will be removed within 24 to 72 hours. You should use 24 hours a day and 1 month flannel bra, sporty to model your breast while healing internally, which will limit the pain. The stitches will be removed after 14 or 20 days. Avoid swimming pool, as it can favor infection, sports and other physical activities for the first 4 weeks. You may have decreased tenderness or tingling in the breasts, in a couple of weeks you will return to normal. The scar will be hard and reddish the first 6 weeks, then it will be pale and soft, depending on its healing. If this does not happen, it may be necessary to use silicone sheets and corticosteroid infiltrations to obtain a better result.

Lifting mammoplasty is a safe procedure compared to others. There are effects associated with surgery, the most common problems are: Hematoma: (Rare) It is recommended that the patient should rest for the first two days to avoid bleeding from physical exertion. Pain: which is controlled with medication. Infection: if it occurs it may be by the first week, the antibiotic prescribed by your Plastic Surgeon limits the possibility of presenting this. Asymmetries: This surgery will not only lift and / or decrease the volume of the breasts but will try to balance these asymmetries. The final results will depend entirely on your tissues and your healing. It is also frequent that you may require another resection if you find that your breast size is still large.

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