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Biopolymers are injectable substances forbidden for aesthetic use, of unknown origin, are not compatible with the body and their use is industrial.

Because it is a substance that is not compatible with the organism, the product begins to migrate to other areas of the body, encapsulating it, producing granulomas or masses that produce severe inflammatory and immunological reactions, making the product rejection. In minor cases it generates deformities of the treated area. These can only be removed by surgery and there is no full guarantee that the extraction is 100%, causing irreversible damage. This corrective surgery is mainly performed to minimize the possibility of more serious complications in the future that affect the patient’s quality of life. The important thing in this type of surgery is to achieve the extraction of the greatest amount of filler material, in order to improve the quality of the compromised tissues and give a better aesthetic of the areas where these substances have been applied or have migrated. Some materials become hard, which makes the success of the procedure more complicated.

Extracting this type of substance is difficult and usually leaves irreparable lesions in the area where the biopolymers were injected. With the help of diagnostic images such as magnetic resonance imaging, the quantity and distribution of the injected material, and its migration to other sites of the organism are evaluated. The reactions manifested by the patient and the time at which the application was made must also be known. With this data you can plan the appropriate technique and technology to use. You should know that surgery does not guarantee 100% extraction of the material, because it adheres to tissues at all levels and the percentage of migration to other areas is unknown. It is advisable to extract it when the symptoms are starting and not in advanced stages where the material is totally hard or has migrated to other neighboring areas or the complications are very advanced. Depending also on the complexity of each case, the patient is helped with the use of therapeutic supports such as girdles and / or lycras.

They are non-absorbable substances of liquid silicone, sometimes mixed with other components created for industrial use. They have a viscous and transparent texture. They were withdrawn from the European and North American market more than 10 years ago due to the long-term adverse effects and complications. In Latin America and Asia they continue to be applied clandestinely, as people do not know the danger they represent when generating rejection in the organism causing deformations, tissue losses and even death. It has also found the injection of substances such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, cooking oil, plane oil, liquid paraffin and some methacrylates, among others. Remember that cheap is expensive and that the only substances approved by regulators are Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid. Whenever you are going to apply a filler or wrinkle handling product, ask them to show you the sealed product packaging and verify the Invima record. Your health is the most important.

In the case of injections in the body and face, the injected can be partially extracted, everything depends on the complexity of each case. The location of the product, the type of substance, the time that this material has been inside the body, the consistency of the material and the consequences that it has caused on the skin and tissues should be taken into account.

By removing a good amount of this material, patients improve symptoms and a more aesthetic appearance of the affected area is given. The procedure also involves working the areas symmetrically to obtain a homogeneous result.

The procedure is painful since the tissues are sucked deep down to be able to extract most of the material, pain relievers will be formulated. * This information offers data that may be of interest to those who want a Biopolymer Extraction surgery, it does not replace a medical consultation.

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