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Improves the volume and projection of the buttocks.

In plastic surgery the demand for procedures to beautify the buttocks has increased significantly. This procedure is commonly called “Brazilian Butt Lift” or by its acronym BBL. It can be combined with procedures such as tummy tuck and liposculpture; although it may increase the risk of producing fluid accumulation around the implant or “seroma”. Celebrities like J LO, Beyonce and many others, in addition to fashion with more insinuating clothes and materials that are more adjusted to the body, have caused an interest in women in the face of her buttocks. In these times the buttocks have displaced the breasts as a feminine symbol of sensuality. There are 2 safe methods for buttock augmentation and contouring:

Creating a more particular definition of them. The fat obtained from this area, or from any other area that has been liposuctioned, is injected into the previously defined area of ​​the buttocks to produce an increase in volume, creating a result that is characterized by buttocks with greater volume , projection and definition that are the key to an aesthetically harmonic gluteus.

Prostheses that have been designed with special characteristics to be placed in the buttocks below the muscular fascia (membrane that covers the muscle) or within the muscular plane.

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